We are an ethically driven business, keen to empower, work with and enrich the communities in which our jewellery is made. Our mission is to alleviate multi-generational poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa through creativity in a sustainable way. 

The artisans making our pieces are youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, hoping to turn their lives around, developing new skills that will keep them away from the biggest threats to young men and women in slum areas - the prospects of a life of crime. Currently, we work with artisans in two slums; Kibera, the largest urban slum on the African continent and forth largest in the world as well as Baba Dogo, located on the fringes of Nairobi.

By purchasing our jewellery, you are not just buying an aesthetically pleasing piece, you are supporting the dreams of those artisans that dare to change the cards life has dealt them and in turn their family's future.