Kaleidoscope Beauty  is a brand empowering the disenfranchised through contemporary, handcrafted, statement jewellery that's ethically sourced and showcasing the beauty of Africa 

Our unique pieces are hand-made by Kenyan artisans determined to turn their lives around. From young mothers, to reformed criminals and street boys, faced with the burden of multigenerational poverty, lack of sanitation, and the harsh realities of living in the slums.

Given the right tools, and an opportunity for a career, our artisans are trained to create; through beadwork and brass-work, which in turn creates job opportunities for them, and provides a sustainable source of income.

With experience spanning over 15 years, our pieces are original, and where possible, avoiding the excessive use of plastic, in line with our goal of sustainability.

Meet Umutoni...

Umutoni Thuku-Benzinge

I created Kaleidoscope Beauty as a way to amalgamate all three of my different worlds. With a close affinity to my East African roots being both Kenyan and Rwandan, while also being brought up in the UK, fusing three cultures together in a business model led to the creation of this very brand.

Throughout my teen years, I'd buy gifts for friends and family members off the back of my summer holidays in Kenya, typically in the form of jewellery.

Inspired by Black Panther in 2018, I realised there was still a global demand for African inspired art, fashion and I wanted to be a part of this change and give credit where it is due.

Central to that, I've also partnered with local artisans on the ground in Kenya to create contemporary statement jewellery for the modern man and woman that creates social impact through our supply chain, in line with our sustainability goals.


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